Anagram Artist

Anagram Artist 3.05

Anagram Artist recognizes the anagrams contained within a particular sentence

Anagram Artist 3.05 is an interesting application, which recognizes the anagrams contained within a particular sentence or a text string. It has unique features like vowel percentage bar graphs, letter frequencies, suggested word list indicating the words that may be formed with the help of the unused letter, and special tweak mode that allows the user to message a partly-complete anagram for making the rest of it easier to complete.

Moreover if the number of unused letters is small, then user can make use of the built-in multi-word anagram finder, which is available for clipping-off the last few letters. File load and save, with "=" automatically added during save and removed during load.

Anagram Artist comes with a continuous auto-update option for any anagram entered and corresponding displayed item. It also comes with functions to copy unused letters or the completed anagram on to the clipboard, and features a ‘Find’ function in both original and anagram windows. There is ability to use any installed system font for the three main text windows.

Even if the user wishes to do a million-letter anagram, it is not an issue as the size of anagram text is fundamentally unlimited.

Luis Sanchez
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  • No restriction on word size


  • Only good to play around with
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